Am I Protected by a Notary?

The United States allows its citizens to have representation of Notary Publics to facilitate deals, agreements, and contracts, which are important for the protection of the public and the government. For example, New York’s Notary Public Protection Act gives oversight, protection, and service to those who wish to become a Notary Public. New York notaries swear an oath of office and take an oath of confidentiality when they accept a commission from a company or entity. A New York notary can only perform the duties outlined in the state laws, but they cannot perform or act in any other capacity that is inconsistent with the laws. This is the same for the majority of the States, with some minor exceptions.

In order for a person to be able to operate as a Notary Public in the state of New York, they need to obtain a limited license from the Secretary of State. This type of license is called a Notary Public License and is different than a standard driver’s license or any other kind of license. The purposes and requirements of this type of license differ from state to state, so it is best to check with your state for specific details. New York does not allow a non-resident alien to apply for a Notary Public License and they are also required to undergo criminal background checks. Notary Public Protection is an important job and people who want to be involved in this business need to know exactly what their responsibilities are. Each state has different requirements but all states require criminal background checks, and that the person wanting to obtain a Notary Public license, also lives in that State they are applying to. This is to protect you, to ensure that the Licensed Notary Public that you use, has been thoroughly vetted by the State before you start working with them.

There are a wide variety of Notary services available and most companies offer Notary Public protection as a part of a package. Some companies may even provide Notary Public Protection insurance to protect the clients that choose their services. Notary Public Protection services can be used by individuals to protect their homes, real estate investments, businesses, and individuals. Many people rely on the services of these licensed professionals and companies that offer this type of licensing often have high-quality customer service representatives who are available to help with any questions or concerns that an individual may have.

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