Which is better Notary Public or Lawyer?

There is a big debate about which is better between a Notary Public and a Lawyer. Many people are intimidated by Notaries, they think they can never be sure what they are doing or that the Notary will be right there with them every step of the way. There is nothing more binding than a legal document such as a check, it must be notarized before it can be accepted by another person and it must have a Notary seal on it to make it legal.

A Notary Public does not provide any type of legal services for you, they are there to help you with the documentation process and keep you informed of deadlines. They will prepare the completed application in front of you, then they will sign it on your behalf if you request them to, and then take the document and keep it for you. If you choose to have a Notary Public notarize a piece of paper for you then it is up to you if you want the Notary to administer oaths or affirmation or even just notary authorization. It is entirely up to you and if you prefer to have an attorney present then that is fine as well. It is really up to you and how much input you would like from an attorney before you start the process of taking a legal document out send or sign.

The bottom line is, a Notary Public is here to help you, the less hassle you have then the faster you will get your papers completed and filed. Not all states allow attorneys to notarize legal documents, so if that is the case in your state, then you will not be allowed to have an attorney handle the transaction or deal, it will have to be completed by a State Licensed Notary Public. If you are choosing a local attorney then that is fine, but in order to save time and money, you should consider using a Notary Public as in some States they are required and preferred over an attorney. Which is better Lawyer Or Notary? Each has its own benefits, in the long run, for quick reliable processing of documents, contracts, or business deals, go with a State Licenced Notary Public that you can locate using our online directory here.

Here at Notary Central USA we list only Licenced Notary Publics that have been approved to work in your State and your County. Feel free to browse for the closest one near you and know that you are safe and protected using a Licenced Notary Public.