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How to Join Directory Portal in 5 steps:

  1. Fill in you email, username and choose your package,
  2. Click on Sign Up (Buy with Paypal),
  3. Pay for package on Paypal,
  4. Check your email for login info,
  5. Log in and add your info into to the Directory Portal.

Notary Central USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the notary search work?

The notary search page helps the public search for notaries with an easy to use single search field in addition to advanced filters to narrow the intended search. 
In the single search field, an individual can enter a zip code, city, state, county, and our search engine will provide them with the results based on the entered criteria. To further narrow search results one can select a category that specifies the type of Notary they are looking for.

Will my full information be shown in my profile?

If the Notary selected is a Certified Member with Notary Central USA, then all their information is viewable to the public. If they are a Basic Member with Notary Central USA, then only their name will be displayed.

Can I add links to my website and Social Media?

If you are a Basic Member with Notary Central USA, only your name and location will appear. As a Certified Member with Notary Central USA, you are able to display links to all your Social Media, your website and any other means of communication you wish to display.